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Características y ventajas clave:
Texto de impresión a pedido, a todo color o negro, gráficos, códigos de barras lineales y 2D.
Reduzca el lío del inventario de varias diapositivas coloreadas usando apenas una diapositiva blanca e imprima con color.
Velocidad de impresión de hasta 9 diapositivas por minuto.
Capacidad de salida: 15 diapositivas internamente/ilimitado externamente.
100 cassettes de capacidad de diapositivas con chip de identificación programable y contador de diapositivas.
Imprime directamente sobre las diapositivas – elimina la escritura a mano o las etiquetas que son difíciles de aplicar y potencialmente pueden caerse o causar atascos en sus instrumentos de procesamiento de diapositivas
Pequeña huella – encaja perfectamente al lado del microtomo o del procesador de diapositivas
Impresión resistente química y ULTRAVIOLETA para soportar procesos, de uso general en laboratorios. Incluso después de varios años las diapositivas pueden ser identificadas confiablemente.
Software PTLab gratuito – software basado en plantillas para su diseño individual y flujo de datos y conexión de flujo de datos configurable a sistemas LIS
Interfaz del USB para la conexión directa fácil a la PC basada Windows ´ s y Tablet.


Key Features and Benefits:
On-demand, full-colour or black printing text, graphics, linear and 2D Barcodes
Reduce inventory hassle of various coloured slides by using just a white Slide and print with color
Print speed up to 9 slides per minute
Output capacity: 15 slides internally / unlimited externally
100 slide capacity cassettes with programmable identification chip and slide counter
Prints directly onto slides – eliminates handwriting or labels that are hard to apply and can potentially fall off or cause jams in your slide processing instruments
Small footprint – fits perfectly next to the microtome or the slide processor
Chemical and UV resistant print to withstand processes, commonly used in laboratories. Even after several years slides can be reliably identified
Free PTLab Software – template-driven software for your individual design and data workflow and configurable data stream connection to LIS systems
USB Interface for easy direct connection to Windows based PC´s and Tablets
Environment friendly lowest energy consumption in the market and recyclable non hazard materials
Two years warranty (after product registration within 6 months)
Easy to Use
Signature is designed for efficient, hands-free operation. Slides are stored in easy-to-load cartridges – away from dust and other potential contaminants. It takes just a few seconds to change out the cartridge if you need standard slides for one study and positively-charged slides for others. The level of slides remaining in a cartridge is easily viewed through the cartridge's transparent blue LED backlit case.
Slide Printer - Lab Use
Slide Configuration PTLab
Optional PTLab™ Software
PTLab Software was designed by Primera specifically for use with Signature-Series Printers. It can be installed on any Windows 78.110 PC, including Primera's optional all-in-one touch screen PC. With PTLab, you'll be up and running and printing full-colour slides in just minutes.

First, the lab administrator designs the templates that define the information that is required on the slides including fixed and variable fields. The print area is completely customizable. Or, you can choose from any of the included standard templates. After the template(s) are designed, the editing function is locked by password.

The lab tech then scans the 2D bar code printed on the vial, tissue cassette or other specimen container. Information contained in the bar code is automatically populated on the slide. Information can also be entered via the keyboard or touch-screen PC. The number of slides that have been ordered for that study are then automatically printed.

Printing only the slides you need, when and where you need them, helps avoid potentially serious patient safety errors.
Several Configurations Available
Printers are available for 3rd party integration as well as in complete, stand-alone systems which include printer, software, scanner, keyboard, mouse and mini-PC. Most components (except the printer and mini-PC) are medical-grade IP68-rated for water-resistance. IP68-rated components can be disinfected with typical hospital cleaning solutions.